A few nights ago, I got home from work around 11pm. It had a been a long day (long week to be honest) and it showed on my face. I removed my makeup and cleansed my face and went through the other million steps to get ready for bed.

I ended up just standing in my bathroom staring at my reflection.

My hair was a bit greasy and falling out of its braid. My eyebrows were all over the place and embarrassingly unplucked. My eyes were slightly red on account of a bad reaction with a makeup remover that I'm still trying to fix. My shoulders were so tense they were almost up to my ears. But my cheeks had a healthy color and my mouth was turned up at the corners.

I was a bit of a mess, but something about it felt very honest and intimate. Like I was meeting myself again after a long absence. A moment to reconnect and remember it's just a bad day, and not a bad life.

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