For Colleen

Yesterday morning, my sweet grandmother Colleen passed away.

My dad always says that we never new the mother that raised him, and so I'd like to tell you about the grandma that I knew. The Grandma I knew loved the color blue and finished every meal with ice cream. The Grandma I knew wore bright pink lipstick and loved Cinderella. The Grandma I knew loved God and Christ and once sat with me for ages and ages watching Bible videos on the Mormon Channel. The Grandma I knew loved her family - her parents, her children, her grandchildren. The Grandma I knew was lovely and told me I was beautiful.

I'm so grateful to be her granddaughter and to have had the chance get to know her in the last several years. My life and my family's life has been enormously blessed because of her goodness and love, and I can never thank her enough. I loved her very much, and I'll love her forever.

Until we meet again.

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