These Days

These days, I can get ready in the morning in 30 minutes.
Oatmeal for breakfast, face washed, blouse, cardigan, trousers, flats, and a pair of earrings.
I get to work around 7 AM and say good morning to Arthur - the maintenance guy.
I turn on an audiobook and check my email.
I leave my office door closed until 9.
By 10, I've finished my third bottle of water.
I spend the day processing things and putting out fires and checking tasks off the list.
If the suns out, I'll take a walk during my lunch break.
I buy birthday cards for my co-workers.
I save my mindless filing for what I call "my tired hour" in the early afternoon.
I eat granola bars and club crackers for snack.
I leave my office between 3:30 and 4pm, and I call my mom while I walk to the metro.
I read books on the commute.
I eat dinner, work on some things for Relief Society, and return my library books.
By 9:00, I'm exhausted and I'm always in bed by 10.
I spend Saturdays scrubbing my shower, running errands, and watching The Hobbit.
Sundays I sleep in until 7:30 before church that afternoon.


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