Little Things

Yesterday at work, someone reached out to the staff and asked if they could host a cake tasting in our space. She had a little setup and we could try several new flavors they're experimenting with. The key lime was to die for.

Yesterday was also my grandparents anniversary. Even though, they've both passed away now, it made me feel really happy.

I've got lunch plans tomorrow and Thursday, and I'm pretty excited about both of them.

CHVRCHES new album came out on Friday. I've listened to it at least ten times. Make Them Gold and High Enough to Carry You Over are my favorites.

I've already started shopping for my 2016 planner.

For the first time in my entire life, I found a pumpkin scented candle that I actually like -- cinnamon pumpkin muffin. It's actually probably the cinnamon that I like, but I'm still counting it a success.

I listened to this interview about microagressions and victimhood culture on the way home from work, and I cannot stop thinking about it. Also, I've got back on the podcast train, and I'm wondering why I ever got off.

In the past weeks, I've been feeling especially loved. It's a wonderful thing.

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