The Recap (Over a week late): FLORIDA

I landed in Jacksonville, FL on Friday August 7th. My brother and sister picked me up from the airport and we slogged three hours back to Tallahassee where I was greeted by my sweet parents and brother. And Grandma Colleen, whose first words to me were, "Oh! You're a beautiful girl." Isn't she a gem?

We ate sausage bread and played Rook and Trivial Pursuit before falling into bed.

The next morning, we went to the beach. My brother and his wife had arrived over night, so the six of us loaded in one car (Mom, Dad, and Grandma in the other car) and made the trek out to St. George Island. It was grey and windy, but the water was nice. We threw the football and chatted. Dad and I walked along the water to find Grandma a pretty shell. We built a castle/bathtub.

And then it started to rain. Really rain. After a little while longer we packed up and went home for the afternoon, dinner, and card games.

Sunday morning was a big breakfast. Pancakes, toast, bacon, grits, eggs, hashbrowns, orange juice. It was glorious. We headed to church in the afternoon, and company for dessert that evening.

Monday, we headed over to Wakulla Springs. It was pretty much a perfect day for it. We took the boat ride on the river and saw the alligators, turtles, birds, and even a few manatees. It was insanely hot outside and the water was frigid and perfectly refreshing once I was brave enough to get all the way in. That night, we once again played our rendition of Chopped. My brother and I had to make dessert from hummus, cocktail sauce, beef flavored ramen (which was actually rancid) and pistachios. It was a challenge, but the overall meal turned out nicely. Lesson learned: Deep fried ice cream sandwiches can be really delicious.

Tuesday we opted to spend the day around town. We headed out to Bradley's Country Store for sausage dogs. We sat on the front porch in rocking chairs and ate our sausages and drank Nehi (at least, I did) and enjoyed the afternoon. That night we head out to Red Robin for dinner and a last moment together before dropping my oldest brother at the airport.

Wednesday morning, the rest of us made the early early drive back to Jacksonville for flights to our respective locations. I landed at National at 11 AM with a bit of a heavy heart at being back and wishing I had had one more day.

That's alright. Saved some things for next time.

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