Dreams of Being an Author

If I were ever to be famous, I would want to be a famous fiction author. I feel like it's the perfect mix of mystery and interaction.

The fiction part is crucial, mostly because I am SICK of twenty-somethings writing memoirs. That's a post for another day (though I have a draft of that post already sitting in my file). Last year, I read a book entitled Antonia Lively Breaks the Silence by David Samuel Levinson. The book explores the role of an author, questions about whose stories an author has permission to tell, and (somewhat less so) the physical process of writing. Coupled with a fascinating story line and some of the most beautiful language I have ever come across (and I'm not exaggerating; Levinson's prose is exquisite) made it a book that has stayed with me and one I think of often. It made me think about fiction and writing in an entirely different light.

I'd get to hang around in coffee shops, and I absolutely love coffee shops. Songza has a setting that's "busy coffeeshop." Sometimes, I listen to it while I write my papers for class. Is that pathetic? I hope not.

I could wear all the black sweaters and horn-rimmed glasses I wanted. I don't even wear glasses, but I want to.

I would name my characters all of the baby names I like that no one else likes. Margot is at the top of the list.

I'd get to to talk about books as much as I want.

It'd be a great excuse to read all the time.

And while I'm simultaneously confused and enthralled by the concept and want for fame, I can't deny that there would be some things that would very cool about people getting to know my voice, even if it's my best, highly-edited voice.

Yes, if I had any talent for fiction at all, I think I'd be happy as an author.

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