180 Degrees

This semester could not be more different from the last.

As I walked into my first class of the term, I felt calm. And EXCITED. I think my struggles last term had left me a bit disenchanted with school, but the excitement I generally feel about being a student returned in full force within the first week of classes.

That feeling hasn't left.

Not during my 4-day semester planning ordeal (which is arguably the most stressful thing I do the every term). Not during my readings. Not during class. Not during the beginning stages of selecting a research project, which is the hardest part for me.

It's amazing and refreshing.

And, while I'm definitely excited to be graduating after this semester, I'm feeling especially grateful to be a student. I get to learn and think and read and write. I'm good at those things; I like those things.

I know that there will be exceptionally stressful times this semester. I know I'll get upset or struggle at some points--perhaps sooner rather than later. That doesn't mean I'm doing poorly. I can still be happy about school, even if it's rough.

I'm grateful it hasn't been rough yet.

image via Marc Johns

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