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I really need to come up with better titles for these posts.

There has been a lot snow in my life lately. And cold. I actually ventured outside the house in a beanie. I look atrocious in beanies. It's that cold.

Also, today I went out to shovel the snow so I could get my car out and go to church. Two of my neighbors were out shoveling their cars. When they finished, both of them came over to help me finish up. I almost cried; I thought it was so sweet. I'm probably going to make them cookies.

Yesterday, I broke my light fixture. Trying to change a light bulb and cracked it clean off and sent a shard of glass down the front of my shirt and several on the floor. I had to tell my landlord (embarrassing) and then proceeded to vacuum my floor for about thirty minutes to make sure I wouldn't cut my feet.

On account of snow or holiday, I only went to class once and work three times in the past week. Somehow, I still ended up exhausted, but I'm ahead on my homework, so I'm pretty content.

I painted my nails black, and I suddenly feel more like myself.

For the first time in years, I'm not watching the Oscars. You better believe I'm stalking the red carpet pictures though.

I've taken to watching interviews with Tom Ford on YouTube. I think he's fascinating.

My history of money class is amazing. Absolutely amazing. My professor is brilliant, and I walk out with my mind spinning and end up talking about it all the time. I'm thinking about money differently than I ever have before. I'm thinking about my life differently. It's fantastic. It's a class a look forward to every week.

photo credits to Gabbi. Thank you, friend!

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