I want to Work.

I've given each year a theme for the past four years. Only one of those years was really successful in it's pursuit: 2013 and Brave. I still love being brave and I'm still pushing for that all the time. It made a world of difference in my confidence, my relationships, my life plans. Everything changed.

I want that again. This year, instead of Brave I want to Work.

I am the queen of killing time, but I'm thinking it's time to be willing to put forth more effort. I feel like there are some realms where I'm already good at this, school being the most obvious. But I find too often that I'm somehow willing to be lax with little things, and I don't like it.

I want to see something that needs doing, and take care of it immediately. A dish that needs cleaning. Mail that needs to be sent. A library book to be returned.

I want to cook real meals, not just throw them together every night.

I want to put more effort into my relationships. Make phone calls, send letters, and invite people for dinner. I'm tired of feeling lucky every time I have a real friend.

I want to spend a little more time on my knees at night in prayer, and more time in scriptures each day. My relationship with God takes work, too.

I want to learn to keep my room clean. And my bathroom organized. And my purse. And my wallet.

In some ways, it already feels like Brave. Like I'm honing a skill that will have a dramatic difference on the way I live my life.

I'm so excited to Work.

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