A List of Things I Love Right Now

My job. Last week, my office hosted a panel on understanding and utilizing web analytics. I showed up to work, set up campus, greeted the attendees, and then sat at the front desk like normal while the panel ran. I found myself anxiously listening to the panel discussion. I even took notes. It's pretty awesome to work somewhere really inspiring.

Literary Starbucks. I tell everyone about it. It's fantastic.

Fleece-lined tights and fleece-lined leggings. I wear the tights under my jeans on particularly cold days, and I've slept in the leggings everyday for a week.

I love the envelope I got last week from my mom full of pictures taken by and of my great-grandparents in Europe at the end of World War I. I sat and looked through them for a while, and I got this warm and fuzzy feeling inside. It's crazy to look that these photos that look like something out of my history classes and think "that's my family!"

I love mini Babybel cheeses.

I love listening to General Conference talks on my way to work in the mornings.

I love my neighbor's Christmas decorations. They have little pink light-up pigs wearing Christmas sweaters and scarves!

I love counting down to the day I go home (3 days!) and making plans for the break. First thing on the list: read a fiction book. I'm pretty excited.

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