We'll Try Again Next Year, Okay?

October, we failed.

I was not good to you, and you were not good to me.

To be fair, you almost saved yourself with those doughnuts on the morning of the 31st. I even loved the pumpkin spice one.

But it wasn't enough. We had a hard time, didn't we? It was just off. 

I failed at my part miserably. I couldn't focus. One day was amazing. Really amazing with 8 hours of sleep and being all kinds of productive and determined and the next was holding back (or not holding back) tears until I could get off work or out of class and lose it in my car, or on the metro. I got overwhelmed all the time. I'm pretty sure I really offended one of my friends. I think I did more things poorly than I did well. That's probably not being very fair to myself, though. At least, that's what I hope.

And, you? Well, you gave me 80 degrees on the 28th. I think we're pretty even, wouldn't ya say?

It wasn't all bad. Getting to see my father was great. An A- on a paper you thought you tanked. A gift from a dear friend. The sale on Bath & Body Works candles. You did have some gems.

But it's okay with me if I don't have a month like that again. We'll try again next year, okay?

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