This really was a fantastic, cozy weekend.

After a Halloween party at work on Friday night, I got home dead tired and went right to bed. Saturday morning, I woke lazily, in bed for an hour longer than I should have been. For the first time in weeks, I didn't go to the library. Instead, I cleaned my room a bit (and shoved anything I didn't want to put away into the box by my closet door), and set up a work station on my bed. I spent the entire day (minus the afternoon hour I went grocery shopping) in an oversized flannel and fleece-lined leggings. I got a ton of work done, and then the afternoon came and all the productivity went out the window. Instead, I watched 6 episodes of a TV show, and 1 of another. I wrote in my journal, cleaned out my t-shirt collection, and lit a candle (Leaves by Bath & Body Works. AMAZING). 

Sunday was delightful. You just can't go wrong when you're wearing red lipstick and the church meeting goes well. I finished the evening off with a mug of hot chocolate and some good conversation.

It was wonderful. Just what I needed. Last year, I wrote a post about how November is my favorite month, which still holds true, and this weekend was the perfect way to kick it off.

Here's to moving forward, and a fantastic November.

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