I love Taylor Swift. I mean, I've always loved her, but it took me a little while to admit it. I used to fight it. I didn't want to like her music cause everyone liked her music. It was too sappy, too happy or too upsetting. It all sounded the same. "She's not country." The list went on and on for a good few years.

And then one day, I just decided to stop denying myself the chance to like something that I like. I like all sorts of things I wish I didn't (maybe some day I'll get the guts to tell you about my Harry Potter music, but I don't have those guts yet), but if it isn't a bad thing, then my own pride is a really lame reason to abstain. So I started listening to it and loving it and learning all the words and having solo dance parties in my kitchen.

Just over a year ago, I wrote this post about how at that moment Taylor Swift was just not doing it for me.

One year later, my reaction could not be more different. She's amazing. Fantastic. She nailed it with this album.

Well done, Taylor. You really are a gem.


  1. Okay, so I totally understand this. I used to genuinely not care for Ms. Swift. Her goody-goody thing and happy-go-luckiness really irked me (even though, hello, I fall into the same category). A few of her songs were entertaining, but overall, I was not drinking the Kool-Aid. BUT. But. 1989 is making a strong case. I think I like her? And it's causing a whole existential personal breakdown. But it's fine.

    I agree. She nailed it. And she's killing it. Get it girl.

    1. Brittany, I'm so glad you get it. It's been a struggle.