So I'm beyond excited for Charlie Simpson's album release on Monday. You can stream a good chunk of it on YouTube already, and I'm kind of obsessed.

Today is moving day. My bed has already been delivered, but I've still got lots to do when I get home from work. Wish me luck.

Few things make me want to cry more than shopping for textbooks.

Shoes take way longer to dry out than I had anticipated. In the meantime, things aren't matching very well.

Sometimes I forget I own an alligator head (his name is Chomp...maybe I should introduce him on the blog someday) and then I open one of my packing boxes and he's just staring at me. Made me jump.

Is there an age where you're too old to watch TV shows about teenagers or supernatural things? I really hope not, cause that's all I've been watching lately. And Graceland. I'm obsessed wth Graceland.

Anne Frank wrote her last diary entry 70 years ago today. I read it and teared up a little bit. She's one of my heroes.

The mornings are starting to get cooler; I even shivered once while waiting at the crosswalk.

It is simultaneously wonderful and pathetic when you return thirty-three public library books at the same time. I need to be better about just returning, and not renewing things a billion times.

And if all else fails, a bar of chocolate is never a disappointment.

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