The Boys in the Boat

This past week, I read The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. I waited almost five months to get this book from the library, and I jumped at the chance to read it once I had it.

The book follows the eight man rowing team at University of Washington through three years of competition and their journey to the Olympics.  Joe Rantz, second from the left in the above picture, features as a main focus for the book and I just loved him.

It's fantastic.  I'm so close to buying my own copy, which is a big deal because I don't buy books unless I'm certain I want them on my shelf.

I finished it last night at 11:30 (I hadn't realized the time until I was through) and I was crying and smiling and just bursting to tell everyone about it.  It's beautiful story, beautifully written. I didn't know a thing about rowing before I read, but it didn't matter. I still loved every minute.

Read it. It's just wonderful.

image via University of Washington Library, Special Collections

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  1. I bought this book for Dave's Easter present after we listened to it on a drive to Idaho. It's so well written that when it came to describing the race for the Olympic Gold I had to remind myself that I already knew the outcome! Echoing Allyson: Read it. It's just wonderful.