Riding With Strangers

Last week, I started slugging as part of my commute.

Essentially, I ride with strangers who want to take the HOV, but don't have enough people.  I stand in a line and these people pull up and tell you where they're headed and how many people they need.  I get in the car and get a free ride into the city.  No one talks at all except to say thank you at the drop-off. They get to work faster and I have a shorter metro ride.  It's not government run; it just kinda formed by the people commuting to DC.

Let me tell you it's fantastic.  It cut my commute cost by more than half.

The hardest part was the very first day working up the courage to get out of my car and trying to not look foolish. And I was terrified that I would get stranded and not be able to get home.  It took less than a day to get over that fear though.

I love it.

Now, the only thing I have to do is find a way to occupy the time after my shift ends, but before the HOV opens.

And it's not really hard to kill time in Washington, DC.

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