It's Not Going to Calm Down, is it?

I've had this discussion with several people recently, but it's still on my mind.

This is going to seem foolish, and perhaps a bit naive, but I always thought that at some point things would slow down.  When my semester was over, when I finished that project I'd been planning, when I finally got that job, when I finally left that job. When. When. When.

I'm realizing that my life is not going to calm down. There will always be new projects and more responsibilities. Somehow, I'm trying to be okay with that notion. (I remember when I was a freshman at BYU calling my mom, having come to the realization that "I'm just growing up so I can go to work all the time.")

I do recognize that my capacity to handle everything also expands, and it is comforting to know I'm not going to be at my breaking point for the rest of my life. And there will be moments of calm. It's not like I will never have a peaceful moment again. But it won't be like I assumed.

Such is life.

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  1. Very insightful! There are definitely moments in our life when we are struck with the realization that it will always be moving so we must move with it.