Lynne and Dick

This past Monday, a friend of mine, Gabbi, invited me to go with her to the presentation of Lynne Cheney's new book James Madison: A Life Reconsidered.  Gabbi worked as an intern for the Cheneys; her name is even in the book! The presentation was on my schedule for almost a whole month, so by the time it came round I was so excited!

Mr. Cheney (is that the title I should use?) interviewed his wife about the book and then opened the floor for questions.  And I am now DYING to read the book.  I'm hugely into biography and this one is supposed to be brilliant. It's gonna be good, I can just feel it.

We topped of the night with a little pizza at Bertucci's and a rainy walk back to the metro. Thanks Gabbi for the invite; it was a lovely evening!

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