Things I'm Tired Of

I'm tired of neutrals. Bring on the spring colors.

I'm tired of hearing that this is the best time of my life. Really? Are you kidding me? What kind of outlook is that? You're telling me that after right now, everything is going downhill? I have no intention of having boring thirties or forties or any other decade for that matter.

I'm tired of people bashing social media and technology. STOP. I study history, and even I recognize that too much nostalgia gets you nowhere. There are good and valuable things on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest. Text messaging is convenient. Email lets me get to things on my time. Cell phones mean I can call my mom whenever I need. I realize there are drawbacks, but I wouldn't go back if I could.

I'm tired of school. I'm not quitting.  But I am tired of having assignments due and preparing presentations and reading all the time and paying an exorbitant amount for parking on campus and the list goes on.  I love learning, but school is getting a little old. One more year.

I'm tired of "Get Lucky" playing on the radio. Move on, please.

I'm tired of hitting my hand on that one doorknob every time I pass it. You would think after walking past it for the last seven months I would be able to fix that problem.

I'm tired of being stressed out and having a bad attitude. It's exhausting and really does me no good.

New plan: get happy.

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