Winter and I have a love-hate relationship.  Growing up in Florida spoiled me for short winters, where I would always say it was my favorite season, and always thought it was entirely too short for me to wear all of my cute winter clothes.  But now I have lived where the winter is long and a lot messier, and I am definitely over this.

A few weeks ago, this article was published on Vogue.com about winters in Norway.  The author says: "For Norwegians, winter is not something to be endured; it is something to be enjoyed, with small pleasures taken liberally and often, as part of their way of life."

And after having yet another snow day today, I'm definitely trying to look for those small pleasures. Thick scarves. Hot breakfast. The small smile almost everyone dons the minute they step in from the cold. Curling up with hot chocolate. Spending long lazy mornings and going to bed early.

Yes, Winter, I guess you do have some gems.

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