A Few Days in Richmond

Things I learned on my mini trip to Richmond last week:

Hotel rooms by yourself means sleeping with all six pillows and falling asleep to Titanic two nights in a row.

How to get parking validated. Never had to do that before.

Little Caesars is the best answer to the question "What do I want to eat?"

Research is still really fun. And Jefferson Davis had beautiful handwriting.

You become good friends with the archives' staff when you spend seven hours a day reading through documents.

Architecture is actually really important to me.

If you pretend you know what you're doing, people might believe you.

Banana nut muffins are a great way to start the day.

I have taken radio presets for granted.  There is nothing more frustrating than having to consistently search for a good station.

My phone takes better pictures than my camera.

And I have fallen a little bit in love with that city.  Until next time, Richmond.

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