Writer's Block

So this is the 5th draft of a blog post I've written today, and least the 20th in the past three days.  The others are saved, most of them anyway, maybe someday they will make an actual appearance.  Let's finally get this show on the road.

This is my life right now:

Little Rachel making me her woman-crush-Wednesday.
Ellie Goulding's song Dead in the Water. Not the lyrics. It's just really relaxing.
Texts from my mother.
My windshield is fixed (I may have cracked it last week....)
The fleece-lined tights I got for Christmas. LIFE-CHANGING.
Being thoroughly stressed out simply by reading my syllabus.
This guy on Jeopardy tonight bet $5 on a Daily Double.
Also, there was a tie tonight and will be co-champions tomorrow.
Staying in budget while running errands and shopping.
Worrying. About a lot of things.
The basement is the warmest place in the house.
All of my socks are in the laundry.
Going on 9 straight days without makeup (kind of by accident), and 10 weeks without biting my nails.
Reading for school.
Reading for fun.
That really attractive man-voice that comes when you're getting over a cold.
Coming up with any excuse I can imagine to not have to leave the house.
Leaving the house anyway, because the days are a lot harder when you don't see daylight.
Finding new favorite blogs, and then obsessively reading them.
A voicemail from one of my good friends.
And the last two pieces of spearmint gum in the pack.

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  1. FLEECE LINED LEGGINGS. Seriously nothing better. I am loving that they are instyle especially since my pregnant body is growing and I can be comfy and warm all at the same time! love your blog!