The BCS National Championship: A Reaction

So, the national title. I watched at home with my mother, sister, and brother. It was stressful. I think that's the best word. I spent most of the game curled up on couch, consistently covering my mouth or running my hands through my hair just to give myself something to do. I told my family that when I feel anxious, I feel a physical pressure on my sternum, almost like someone is stepping on my chest. That feeling persisted the entire game. It was exciting. We all cheered, and prayed we wouldn't wake up Grandma, and paced around the room throughout the final minutes.  And then it was over, and we busted out the sparkling grape juice (I know, we're classy people) and then texted and posted all about it for a while. We were ecstatic, and judging by the picture above, and a little ridiculous. I went to bed fairly soon after the game ended, but just lay there in bed, so happy that I couldn't sleep. I even woke this morning still happy.  Congratulations to the Florida State Seminoles; you made us proud!

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