In August my mother bought me a reading journal for my birthday.  Each page has spaces to fill in title, author, start and finish dates, a '"rating," and then notes and thoughts on the book.  There are pages for to-read lists, borrow logs, and recommendations.  It's kind of amazing actually.

I received it right before fall semester started which meant that reading for fun was put on hold, and for the first four months I had the journal, I wrote about one book.  In the past six weeks, I added thirteen entries. THIRTEEN.  Some I loved.  Some I hated.  I have a habit of intentionally choosing books that I know are going to break my heart.  Dumb, right? And yet also oddly satisfying.

I had a moment, almost two weeks ago now, when I finished a book and thought, "I wish I had never read that, so that I could read it again for the first time." I'm hoping I can make time this semester to read for fun, even if it's only the fifteen minutes before I fall asleep, because life is better when it has books.

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  1. Two great suggested reads:
    "The Leper of Saint Giles", by Ellis Peters (one of her Brother Cadfael mysteries)
    "The Forgotten Door", by Alexander Key (juvenile literature and, nevertheless, my favorite book)
    Good reads. Fast reads. Great for mid-semester reads.