Let's Get Ambitious

A New Year's blog post.  Is the 4th too late to write a New Year's post?  I hope not.  I absolutely love New Year's.  There is something about it that's just wonderful and hopeful.  And you feel like you can conquer the world. This year I want to take control and start to form better habits.

I want to stop sleeping in my makeup and start washing my face everyday.
I want to stop being glued to my phone and start reading books before bed.
I want to stop just listening to music and start practicing the piano more often.
I want to stop averting my eyes and start making friends.  You can never have too many friends.
I want to stop being careless with money and start perfecting my budgeting skills.
I want to stop throwing my clothes on the floor and start making my bed in the morning.
I want to stop eating between meals and start drinking more water.

2014 is my Year of Living Intentionally. 

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  1. Girlfriend, I think you stole my New Years res list.

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