The interior decor of the Ettal Abbey, located in in Bavaria, Germany

I know Thanksgiving was last week, but I am feeling particularly grateful today.

I'm grateful for professors who give you feedback, and no just a check on the top of your paper.
I'm grateful for airplanes, that get you back home in a matter of hours rather than a whole day.
I'm grateful for quiet libraries and productive mornings.
I'm grateful for my alarm, that I just changed to sound like the beach so it's awesome to wake up.
I'm grateful for dry shampoo when I'm looking a little rough.
I'm grateful for over-sized sweaters and fuzzy socks.
I'm grateful that Auburn beat Alabama, and FSU is ranked #1 :)
I'm grateful for books to help me wind down at the end of the day.
I'm grateful for my hairdryer that I use to warm up my sheets before I climb into them.
I'm grateful for my parents and siblings.
I'm grateful for Jesus and Heavenly Father.

Today, I'm just grateful.

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