Scented Candles

So, I might have a slight obsession with scented candles.  I'm really picky about scents though.  I really can't handle too much sweetness; I much prefer the spicier stuff.  I don't own any right now, so obviously every time I'm in the store, I somehow end up in that aisle and smell pretty much every option they have.

Today, was no exception.

I was thoroughly enjoying myself in the candle aisle at Target.  There was this cinnamon candy candle that smell like Hot Tamales, and let me tell you it was working for me.  Everything was great until I picked up what I thought was "pumpkin cheesecake," but turned out to be "energizing citrus."

SO BAD!  I reacted to it by having a massive coughing fit right there in aisle, candle still in hand.  I turned to the only other person in the aisle who was staring at me. I kinda laughed and said, "Not that one."  She laughed and asked if I was okay, I said sure but I definitely wouldn't be purchasing that candle anytime soon.

At this point, the sensible part of my brain said Allyson you don't need candles.  Stop right now, or you know that's going to happen again.

Candles - 1. Allyson - 0.

Oh - and Happy Halloween :)

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