Three Days Later

Things I learned this weekend:

Grown men are still afraid of bugs.  So are grown women when they find them in the bathroom early in the morning.

Can we talk about Diane Von Furstenberg's spring 2014 collection?  Flawless.  Fashion week has definitely delivered so far.

Call your mom. You pretty much always feel better.

Get in the shower if it all goes wrong. (I am obsessed with The 1975 right now)

I'm a much happier person when my room is clean.

The weekend is a little sadder when there's college football, but no FSU.

The One Direction movie was actually pretty good.  What?

It's fine to stay up late watching Catfish, provided the couple actually get together. Otherwise, get to bed sweetheart.

I wore white after Labor Day and didn't die.  Breakthrough.

And sometimes, a really full to-do list is just what you need.

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  1. i feel sadder when you post these lists & i'm not a part of them.