Dad: My Favorite Things About You

Baptism Day - 2000

You always call me in the car on your way home from somewhere interesting.

Shopping together.

"Peas Porridge Hot" and "My Grandfather's Clock"

Your sneeze that shakes the whole house.

The fact that you'll give Isabell Tootsie Rolls during church, but not your own children.

You laugh when I get excited about silly things.

You push me on the tire swing.

Remember when you acted in a play with me?

Your garden and grapefruit in the wintertime

The bone in your finger.

How you always get fun jams or cheeses and want me to try them.

Happy Father's Dad; I love you and hope you have the most wonderful day!

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  1. Aaaaw, so sweet! I am still shocked to see such dark hair on your padre's head. I always thought he was blonde, maybe just gray! At any rate, he's a pretty great guy! Love you Ally!