I Just Want to Make a List

I came to this white box, and all that wants to come out is a list of things that are making me happy.  So here it goes.

The 90s Pop station on Pandora (thanks to my roommate for the introduction)

This friend I made at Sears when I was shopping with Sister #shouldhaveboughtit

This GORGEOUS weather.  Maybe Utah's not that bad . . . maybe.

Calling my little brother while he's out shopping for an Easter tie.

White chocolate chips by the handful and in my morning oatmeal.

This poster portrait by Charles Demuth of William Carlos Williams.  You can read the poem that inspired it here.

Key changes - they are the best part of every song.

The millions of adorable Keds this season--seriously, my empty wallet is crying.

And this picture:


  1. Key change! Also... Peter's dragon that you're hugging in picture #2 looks like that giraffe friend that Ruth brought home. :)