One Month of Being Brave

Today marks one whole month since I blogged about being Brave.

Being Brave is fantastic.

Brave wears a bright orange coat that makes her stick out on campus.

And white Converse just about every day.

Brave meets lots of people, but sometimes they forget her name.

Brave participates in class even when her professor makes her feel foolish.

Brave plays on her older brother's water polo team even though she's awful. And secretly (or not so secretly) enjoys it.

Brave's heart rate is probably faster than it should be because of all of the excitement.

Brave looks people in the eye when she talks to them.

Brave goes to a concert even when she doesn't think she belongs and has a blast! (And Brave has a wonderful friend who invites her to said awesome concert.)

Brave tells everyone about being brave because she likes it a lot.

Brave has better stories to tell her mom when she calls, and Brave laughs and smiles a lot more.

Brave is not perfect, and sometimes she forgets her name and goes back to being Timid.

But when she needs it most, Brave remembers she is Brave.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

So here's to many more months of bravery.

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  1. So much love for your month of bravery! Look at you, girl! Proud of you missy!