On Being an Adult

I was talking to one of my brothers the other day and he asked me what I liked about going home.  I told him that I liked not being in charge for a little while.  Mom picked what was for dinner, made it, and cleaned it up.  She does the laundry, does the grocery shopping, and all the other things I hate doing out at school.  And for a while, I don't have to be my own mom, because she's there doing all those things.

But as I was saying it, I realized that this state of being my own mom will never go away.  For the rest of my life, I have to be the big girl and make my own decisions, do the grunt work, and eventually I'll do it for other people too.

And somehow when I realized that it was never going away, I suddenly got really comfortable with doing all those things.  Because those are also the things I really love about being an adult.  I feel good about myself when I can do these things with relative ease. 

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