It's More Than That

More often than not, I let myself get carried away.  I get carried away in research for my classes.  I get carried away in my stress.  I let my fears overwhelm me and be the only thing in my world.  Tears and frowns become the focus and for a time it seems that I should stop being because it's too much.  I will be the first to admit that these things are necessary parts of our life.  But our life is so much more than that.

This week, I heard a very dear friend of mine give some advice during a Relief Society lesson at church.  She said that on those days when we are carried away in misery, for there are days when we are carried away in happiness, it is most important to stop.  To feed all of our senses.  Look at something beautiful.  Listen to the wind in the trees or an especially meaningful piece of music.  Smell Chanel No. 5.  Eat the best meal of your life.  Snuggle in flannel sheets.  Make yourself become a part of this world.  It is in those moments that I realize just how wonderful this world is and how beautiful it is to be here.  And it is fun.

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