Butterflies and Ballerinas

When I was little, I was afraid of the world.  I don't think a week went by until I was 11 that I didn't have at least one nightmare and went running in to my parents room, or else woke my sister up to tell her about it.  At these points, when I was beyond hysterics, my mother always told me to think of butterflies and ballerinas.  Now, this may seem silly, but to this day when I get nervous or stressed out, I imagine butterflies and ballerinas.

I must throw in a little side note here:  I love ballet.  I took ballet this past year and can say it was the best experience.  I've always danced, but ballet was one style I had never tried.  Turns out I absolutely love it!  But back to the main point...

This week, butterflies and ballerinas have been on my mind rather often.  Finals start on Saturday....and I am not quite ready for them.  Classes are having me turn in final projects and papers.  Consequently, my work load has been steadily increasing (and yet somehow decreasing) and stress levels are rising accordingly.  However, butterflies and ballerinas haven't been the only thing to get me through the days.  Since General Conference last week, I have been listening to the talks on my computer while I do the everyday chores around the apartment.  This has changed everything about my leisure time and the way I approach work.  It seems to say: YOU CAN DO IT!!!!  And I can do it, I will do it!

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