Life Lately 6.29.19

There are few things that will make you panic more than thinking you've thrown your birth certificate in the trash.

I'm currently listening to David Blight's biography of Frederick Douglass and finding it absolutely fascinating.

I've also been listening to the History Chicks podcast and really enjoying it. The 2-part piece on Jacqueline Kennedy is my favorite so far, even though it's truly heartbreaking.


I loved this article and it will surprise no one that I am the early kind.

I'm looking for a new bed, and it's way more difficult than I expected. I'm pickier than I thought I would be. Also, I'm cheap.

My nephew turned one this week!

I'm obsessed with the Lessons from the Screenplay YouTube channel. SO GOOD.

I made this recipe this week in response to my pasta sauce fiasco (which is still stuck by the way).

Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse is on Netflix, so I just found my Sunday night plans.

I'm headed to Gravelly Point tonight for a friend's birthday picnic, and I'm excited to watch some airplanes.

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This is a ridiculous story

For four days, I've been wanting to make spaghetti.

For four days, I have been unable to open the jar of my spaghetti sauce.

I've tried everything but the darn thing won't budge. I've googled every tip and tried multiple times every day to no success.

And at this point we've gone far past embarrassing to downright pathetic.

And I want spaghetti so bad it makes me want to cry.

I guess I'll have to keep trying tomorrow.

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I Want So Much

I've been thinking a lot about what I want, and I want so much.

I have things I want to accomplish.
Habits I want to form.
Habits I want to break.
People I want to meet and befriend.
Existing relationships I want to nourish.
Places I want to see.
Skills I want to gain.
Work I want to do.
Qualities and attributes I want to develop.

I want so much and I'm determined to get some of it.


Alex Trebek

Today, this happened.

And I'm heartbroken, but I'm hopeful. Jeopardy isn't Jeopardy without Alex.

Good luck, Alex. I'm praying for you.


Nothing Feels as Good

Nothing feels as good as knowing you have a delicious dinner waiting for you after work.

As remembering something exciting that's coming up.

As checking off every box on your to-do list on a Monday.

Nothing feels as good as the first shower after a haircut when you've used way too much shampoo.

As keeping up a good habit even when you don't want to.

As going to sleep instead of watching the Super Bowl.

Nothing feels as good as watching Cinderella (2015).

As a stranger on the train asking what perfume you're wearing.

As going to a ballet by yourself.

Nothing feels as good as the first taste of spring.



The House is Too Quiet

This morning, I got back from taking my brother to the airport, and now the house is too quiet.

I hosted my parents, brother, and sister for the Thanksgiving holiday. I have an absurd amount of leftovers and groceries in my fridge and pantry. I've just finished washing all the sheets and putting away all of the blankets.

And I'm terribly sad about it.

I had never hosted a lot of family before, and while it wasn't perfect by any stretch, it's a holiday memory that I'll cherish for the rest of my life.

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It's Sunday Morning

It's Sunday morning. I've crawled back into bed since it's my favorite place to be. My hair is wet from the shower and has created a puddle on my sweater. My bedroom is finally clean after weeks of putting it off. There's a book on my bedside table that I'm halfway through, and truthfully not really enjoying and probably will not finish. The Stone Roses is playing on my phone, and I feel like that part at the beginning of Roman Holiday when Anya lays in bed and looks up at the corners of the room.

It's Sunday morning and today is a good day.

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New Things

I have locked myself out of my office twice this week, and it's only Tuesday.

Every bad mood can be turned around with a little Leather and Lace.

I met one of my biggest goals for the year this month and I'm really proud of myself.

There's a farmer's market every Wednesday right by my metro stop and one of these days, I'm going to lose my resolve and buy all of the baklava from the nice man in the corner tent.

I've just finished reading Jurassic Park and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

Teaching Sunday School is one of my favorite things about my life right now.

The other day I fell down a YouTube black hole of videos of The Killers inviting fans to play the drums on their recent tour (which is an oddly specific black hole but I couldn't stop myself). This one is my favorite.

31 days until College Football. 154 days until Christmas.


Like Old Friends

Rereading a favorite book feels like an encounter with an old friend.

You run into each other (in the library of all places!) and immediately make plans together.

And at some point in the middle, you find yourself so so grateful for the friendship. For the comfort and happiness you feel from this small interaction. You realize that even though you haven't spoken in ages, everything feels the same, better even, than you remember it.


Sharing Enthusiasms

There is something wholly satisfying about sharing something I love with someone else. To show them something that means the world to me, and that somehow makes me love it more.

A few years ago, I read a biography of Vincent Van Gogh, in which the authors wrote of Vincent, "for him, enthusiasms had to be shared to be fully enjoyed."

I feel very much the same.