Roman Holiday

Few films make me as happy as Roman Holiday.

I love everything about it.

I love Audrey Hepburn. She's perfection.

I love Gregory Peck; I'm convinced he's the most handsome man who has ever lived.

I love the Mouth of Truth and the ride on a Vespa.

I love Keats and Shelley.

I love when Anya lays in bed and looks up at the corners of the room.

I love when she smashes the guitar.

I love when Joe drops her off, and how he waits at the end of the press conference.

Everything. I love the whole thing.


Life Lately 9.8.17

In the past two weeks, I've consumed an excessive amount of pasta.
I finally finished the third season of Broadchurch and I sobbed in every episode.
One night last week, I had a stress dream. I woke up with my heart racing and it wouldn't slow down. So I got up and made a bowl of grits in the middle of the night.
My co-worker's daughter made me Rice Krispie Treats and I almost cried it was so kind.
I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird out loud with my roommate and it makes me really happy.
I've recently stumbled on The New Basement Tapes and I'm obsessed.
Also, my roommate made me a playlist for my birthday and it's brilliant.
I'm officially caught up on The History of the Great War podcast and it's one of my favorite things.
I'm about two loads behind on laundry.
There are crickets in my basement again, and I'm not happy about it.
I wore hot pink lipstick for the first time.
This article on being ordinary really resonated with me.
And this article made me delete several apps on my phone immediately.
I've successfully stopped myself from purchasing this notebook 3 times, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to hold out for a fourth time. It's my two favorite things: pink and the Rolling Stones.
I'm so so glad that it's the weekend.



This is Erin.

She's my sister, and she's the jam.

She does crossword puzzles and listens to 90s country music.  She makes the best cookie dough in the world. She once brought me a pizza when I had a really crummy day (I cried when I opened the door and saw her standing there). She ran a marathon for the fun of it. She's fearless. She quotes Harry Potter books and old Disney movies that no one knows. She loves sports movies, warm weather, and the Great British Baking Show. She might be the nicest person in the world and never neglects a chance to help someone.

And she's a doctor.

I'm glad she's my sister.



I'm grateful for Sundays.
For quiet mornings and long showers.
For church meetings that make me think and bring me closer to God.
For Sunday night Disney movies that remind me of The Wonderful World of Disney when I was a little girl.
For text messages from old friends.
For hot chocolate and open windows and cozy clothes.



This is Jess.

She's my friend and my roommate.

Jess loves cop shows, Bobby Bones, and the University of Arkansas Razorbacks.

She wears pink lipstick and makes the most delicious chocolate banana bread.

Jess navigates thrift stores like it's her job and she decorates our house for every season.

She loves 90s country music and Harry Potter.

One day, Jess is going to own a bakery with cookies that taste like Twix bars, and I'll be her number one customer.

I'm glad we're friends.



A few nights ago, I got home from work around 11pm. It had a been a long day (long week to be honest) and it showed on my face. I removed my makeup and cleansed my face and went through the other million steps to get ready for bed.

I ended up just standing in my bathroom staring at my reflection.

My hair was a bit greasy and falling out of its braid. My eyebrows were all over the place and embarrassingly unplucked. My eyes were slightly red on account of a bad reaction with a makeup remover that I'm still trying to fix. My shoulders were so tense they were almost up to my ears. But my cheeks had a healthy color and my mouth was turned up at the corners.

I was a bit of a mess, but something about it felt very honest and intimate. Like I was meeting myself again after a long absence. A moment to reconnect and remember it's just a bad day, and not a bad life.


Disappointment and Happiness

Life is full of disappointment.

Dinner that consists of Pringles and a can of ginger ale.
Just barely missing your train three days in a row.
Wasting an awesome outfit on a crummy day.
The Orlando Magic (I still love them, but man this year it's even more difficult than usual).
When the second book in the series ruins everything you liked about the first.

Life is full of happiness.

New friends.
When the last book in a series completely lives up to expectation.
A guided tour around the Smithsonian.
Going to a play all by myself.
When there's cake at faculty meeting.
Space Jam.